Laravel 4.1 Released – Installs In 30 Seconds Flat!

Laravel 4.1 was released only a few hours ago, and with it came a new installer in the form of a PHP archive. Once installed, you can fire up a new Laravel project simply by running laravel new foo in a terminal window. That is, of course, assuming you've moved it somewhere inside your path and renamed it to remove the .phar extension.

When I used the new installer to create a fresh Laravel project just now, I had an *entire* project ready to go in less than 30 seconds(!) and I'm on a relatively slow connection. Gone are the days of putting the kettle on after creating a new project with composer.

So, save yourself some time before your next new Laravel project, and prepare yourself now. Try this out for size:

wget && chmod +x laravel.phar && mv laravel.phar /usr/local/bin/laravel

This will fetch the new installer, add the execute bit so you can actually use it, then moves it to /usr/local/bin which should be in your PATH. If it's not, either add it so it is, or put it somewhere else that is - doesn't matter either way. Of course, there's always the manual option if you're that way inclined.

When you've installed the installer, run laravel --version to make sure it works. It does? Awesome! Now create a project and, as it'll tell you when done, build something amazing!

Update (12/12/13 @ 21:39): If you get a "Too many arguments" error when creating a project, but you know for sure you're typing the command right, make sure you don't have laravel already aliased in your .bashrc or any other scripts that run on login.

  • Nathan Mann

    Thanks a ton for this, I didn’t see this anywhere in the docs.